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Bella Clear Vision - Single Pair

Bella Clear Vision - Single Pair

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Bella Contact Lenses have a visual style as well as premium top quality, which makes them preferred among style enthusiasts from countries consisting of UAE, USA, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, and a few other Gulf countries.

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    Bella Clear Vision single pair provides clear, accurate vision with lenses up to -8 power. The lenses are transparent for optimal comfort and are FDA and CE approved for safety. The lenses are 100% original, authentic and affordable, giving you the best vision possible without breaking the bank. Note: (Eyesight is sph, for cyl eyesight please whatsapp prescription card to confirm availability) / Whatsapp- 03260010016 The lenses are designed to protect your eyes from blue light and UV radiation, decreasing the chance of digital eye strain and other long-term vision problems. You can trust Bella Clear Vision to provide you with accurate vision and protection with every wear.
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