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About Us

Bella Contact Lenses is one of the most popular brands of colored contact lenses in the world. It features collections of amazing shades and numerous successful signature designs. brings the majestic shades of Bella Contact Lenses within in your reach. Choose your desired eye colors and redefine your look and style.

Our introduced Bella Natural Color Contact Lenses Collection- the perfect choice for a natural look. Our lenses are made with polymacon, a medically approved material that is gentle on your eyes. Our 10 colors include browns, greens, and blues that will perfectly match your eyes. And our lens material is also water resistant so you can stay comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. Pair our Bella Color Contact Lenses with any outfit for a natural look that’s all your own.

Bella Lens were originally launched by Ibrahim Wehbe between East, Lebanon. The firm name ‘BELLA’ is a mix of letters that describe Contacts key values: ‘B’ for Healthy and breathable, ‘E’ for Exceptional Vision, ‘L’ for Lens Protection, ‘L’ for Luxury, and also ‘A’ for Artistic. These are components that drive the business’s vision, enabling you to be tension-free concerning the aesthetic layout as well as the quality of the eye lenses provided by this brand name.

The Diamond Collection is launched by the celeb, Kim Kardashian. The category has 8 special and lively shades consisting of Brown Shadow, Almond Grey, Caribbean Green, Allure Blonde, Glitter Gray, Pacific Blue, Gray Green, and also Gray Shadow. These lenses feature built-in 38% water web content that assists to lower the danger of them being dried up. But they still require excellent treatment because if they are left and also are dried out, they can harm your eyes.

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