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Elite Silky Green

Elite Silky Green

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Bella Contact Lenses have a visual style as well as premium top quality, which makes them preferred among style enthusiasts from countries consisting of UAE, USA, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, and a few other Gulf countries.

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    (Eyesight is sph, for cyl eyesight please whatsapp prescription card to confirm availability) 
    Whatsapp- 03260010016
    Lens Material / Polymacon - 
    Water Content / 38% - 
    Base Curve / 8.6mm - 
    Diameter / 14.5 - 
    Central Thickness / 0.07mm (@-3.00D) - 
    Permeability / 12 - 
    Transmissibility / 95% - 
    Lens Collection / Natural looking lenses - 
    Modality / 3 months
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