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Secret - Ocean Blue

Secret - Ocean Blue

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Bella Contact Lenses have a visual style as well as premium top quality, which makes them preferred among style enthusiasts from countries consisting of UAE, USA, Turkey, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK, and a few other Gulf countries.

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    Our Ocean Blue lenses are the perfect choice for daily comfort and convenience. These Bella Contact Lenses use cutting-edge technology to provide prescription power up to -4, making them ideal for mild to moderate refractive errors. Our one-day collection offers the most up-to-date vision correction with the simplicity of no-maintenance cleaning. FDA & CE Approved Our Ocean Blue Lens set provides five pairs of Bella Colour Contact lenses for a perfect, natural look. These lenses feature a breathable, water-based material for maximum comfort and hydration and a high-performance layer structure for sharp and clear vision. Enjoy the confidence of a long-lasting and natural look.
    NOTE: Eyesight is sph, for cyl eyesight please WhatsApp prescription card to confirm availability - Whatsapp on 03260010016 Get the perfect look with a contact lens that won't quit. Ocean Blue lenses are designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, providing lasting clarity and comfort for up to 16 hours.
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